Student Testimonies


After one semester, my mom declared that God was saving my life through the Forge. It’s true; I can’t imagine where I would be headed without the guidance and direction offered through the various facets of the Forge.

Kara, Class of 2011

The Forge has given me freedom from trying to prove my worth to myself and to others. Through discipleship and community, I have learned that my identity comes from who the Lord has called me to be. He has created me to lead out of that, and the Forge has given me an accurate picture of what it looks like to glorify the Lord with my design instead of my performance.

Amanda, Class of 2010

I think the Forge prepared me to enter this world more than I expected it would. It happened in a very concrete way this week. My boss in the interview for my latest promotion told me that he needed a “leader” in this position and not a “manager” and asked if I knew the difference. I almost laughed in his face. I replied that I spent about 8 months thinking and talking about that very thing a few years back and went on to give him examples of both and how I think the Lord has blessed me with the ability to lead. He obviously liked my answer at least a little bit because I got the job!

Drew, Class of 2006


Guest Speaker & Teacher Endorsements


There is a continuing need to train young people to become quality leaders in the Christian community. The Forge program with its small number of select students and its intensive program is well suited to meet this need. I highly recommend it.

Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness

I have worked closely with the leadership of the Forge program for several years. I have observed the students that go through the program…they grow in remarkable ways. I can tell you, as an admissions director, that I love to see Forge students come my way. If they have navigated the Forge program successfully, then I am convinced they are ready to take on just about anything God challenges them to do.

Joshua Bleeker, Director of DTS-Washington, D.C., Dallas Theological Seminary

Having taught at the Forge for several years, as well as working with the graduates of the program, I can honestly say that the Forge is a fantastic environment for leadership and character development. Although you will be challenged to grow in your knowledge, the Forge staff will also challenge you to grow holistically in your character and life skills. After participating in the Forge, you will leave with an experience that is unforgettable, and equipped to lead in your future vocation, no matter the setting. I cannot commend it more highly!

Todd Engstrom, Executive Pastor, Austin Stone Community Church

I’ve had the privilege to teach yearly at The Forge since its beginning. The overall impact of The Forge in the lives of its participants is transformational in their vision, values and godliness. The staff of the Forge program are skilled master-builders in their diligent, purposeful approach to leadership development.

John Hawkins, President and CEO, Leadership Edge Inc.


Thoughts from Parents of Students


Our son, Loren, was part of the very first Forge class. We consider it the most valuable year of his life to this point. Spiritual disciplines, life skills, and leadership wisdom were all implanted in Loren. But most of all, Loren’s heart was stirred towards a lifetime of mentoring; no matter what vocation he chooses.

Vic & Subee Ransom

When our son, Austin, told us he wanted to enroll in Forge, we were opposed to it. After all, we felt he needed to be making money at a “real job” at that point in his life. We reluctantly agreed; however, it proved to be a great blessing. Austin matured in many ways in his year with the Forge, most importantly in his walk with Christ. I attribute much of what Austin has become (even years later) to the lessons he received at the Forge, and whole-heartedly recommend the program.

David Teitelbaum, D.O.

When I first heard about The Forge, I immediately thought of our daughter. It sounded right up her alley of something for her to do after college. It was her idea to apply, but – much to our surprise – she wanted to attend after only 1 year of college. We were anything but supportive; we were afraid that she’d lose momentum and wouldn’t go back to complete her degree. After just a few weeks of her being in the Forge, we realized we were restricting God to work in our little box, and He had bigger ideas for her life. It was an incredibly positive life-altering experience for her (and she went back to college!).

Susan & Ken Eveland

Learning the value of community

Experiencing Christian fellowship