We are thrilled to be enjoying our newest development of the Forge this year, our beautiful Cypress buildings! Built in a very similar manner to the Cedar Ridge family cabins at the Woods, the Cypress cabins are now the dedicated home for all Forge students, with ample space for sleeping, studying, and living. There are two buildings – one for men and one for women. Each of them house up to 16 students. 

Each building has four rooms. Downstairs is designed to be a comfortable living area for studying or conversation and upstairs in each room is where the students sleep and keep their belongings. 

One of our favorite highlights of the building is a roomy common kitchen and living space. The high-ceiling, open concept, farmhouse style plan would make Joanna Gaines proud, and we have already filled it with everything 14 students need to live together in comfort. The kitchens are designed for large family meals, game nights, and larger group meetings. 

We are thrilled that God has provided these facilities for our program and look forward to all of the life change that will happen within them in the coming years!

Living Room and Kitchen Space

Living area

Back porch

Downstairs living area (w/murphy bed)

Upstairs Bedroom