Program Cost

Since the Forge is a discipleship program and not an internship, there is a cost that is shared among the students that sustains the ministry itself. The program cost covers all expenses required to sustain our learning environments over an eight-month time frame: food, lodging, utilities, classes, personal discipleship, supplemental health coverage, gas and vans for program-related transportation, even expenses for six trips – including a 10-day study tour of Israel. Though most applicants will discover that the cost of the program is not all that different from what it would cost to live anywhere for eight months, many will see a great value in the cost because it also includes lots of travel as well as potential for academic credit.

Payment Schedule

  • $1,200 down payment due within 6 weeks of acceptance
  • Eight monthly installments of $1,350 between August 10th and March 10th
  • Total cost: $12,000

Payment Options

  • Students may pay the cost out of pocket
  • Pine Cove is a non-profit organization and many students choose to fundraise their own scholarship by asking friends and family to donate to the Forge program on their behalf. Donations are tax-deductible
  • Payments are non-refundable

Additional Costs to Consider

The Forge program is an all-inclusive learning environment. Aside from textbooks, all expenses for the Forge are included in the program cost. However, many students have additional personal expenses that they will want to take into consideration before they make a commitment to attend the Forge. 

  • Textbooks (~$100-$150 or less)
  • Student loans
  • Health insurance (all students must have health insurance)
  • Car insurance
  • Car payment
  • Cell phone bill
  • Gasoline for personal travel
  • Personal entertainment expenses


Israel trip