The Forge has had the privilege of getting to hear from many incredible speakers over the years, and this year is no different. So, we figured it is only appropriate to introduce you to the 2016-17 speaker lineup!

Dr. Bill Hendricks

Bill is the Founder and President of The Giftedness Center, where he has been specializing in assisting the career and life decisions of others for nearly 30 years now. Known for his unique ability to counsel others through the process of understanding their giftedness, Bill has been such a blessing to our students for many years now. He is also a prolific author and serves as the Director of Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Wayne Braudrick

Wayne lives in Frisco, TX where he serves as the Senior Pastor of Frisco Bible Church and also runs the “All The Difference Radio” Show. He was recently a teacher on the Forge Greece-Turkey Study Tour, speaks yearly at the Pine Cove Family Camps, and authored the book “Whatever Happened to Manhood?”. Having studied at three different Universities, degrees earned in Communications, Education, History, English, and Biblical Studies, Wayne is a fount of wisdom and one of the most engaging/charming dinner guests you will ever meet.

Dr. Gary Brandenburg

Gary has been the lead pastor of Fellowship Bible Dallas for the last twelve years and continues to serve on the board for Mercy Ships. Gary has had quite a diverse past, including playing professional baseball, church planting, and serving as a board member for various non-profits.

 John Hawkins

John is the Founder, President & CEO of Leadership Edge Inc., which provides leadership courses and mentoring to develop a lifestyle of leadership in the lives of University students and leaders across the country. As a renowned business consultant, John provides seminars for many major corporations including  PricewaterhouseCoopers, American Express, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Dr. Joel Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence serves as Senior Pastor of Central Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota; where he and his congregation are passionate about loving their neighbor. Joel has a vast education background, including receiving his PhD from Cambridge and serving as faculty at Bethel Seminary.

Dr. Todd Engstrom

Todd has been on staff with the Austin Stone since 2004, where he currently serves as Executive Pastor of Campuses and Ministries. While being a husband and father of 4, Todd has still managed to receive his Doctorate from The Southern Baptist Seminary and writes frequently on the subjects of discipleship, community, and outreach. As a graduate of Notre Dame, you can expect to see him supporting the blue and gold on Saturdays.

Scot Pollok

Scot hails from the Woodlands, TX where he has served as the Lead Pastor of Faith Bible since 2013. Scot has worked in many different roles within ministry ranging from Christian Camping to Teaching Pastor, where his ThM degree from Dallas Seminary has served him well.